I have had enough

To get affected by the same person over and over again.

I’m not saying that I’m a perfect person who hasn’t done anything incorrect, no one is perfect in this world.

So are you.

More than once I feel like an arrow has been shot at me. From you.

I’m not a copywriter, so I’m not able to write flawlessly grammatically correct sentences.

I’m not a high flyer, so do not expect me to understand things the same way as you do.

Someone said he/she has meetings the entire day, even after working hours. You commented something about an event for that night.

All I replied was, “he/she has meeting after working hours, how to go?” What does that tell you?

“If you do not know anything, don’t comment”.

I do not know anything? What do I know?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything else.

Everyone has a tolerance level. You’ve tested mine and you’ve won.

Feeling relieved

It’s amazing how things always work out well in the end. Just when I was feeling all down, doubting my work performance, I received good news from my department head.

I thank you, whoever you are, for answering my prayers. For giving me hope when I’m feeling down.


Monday Blues

The day didn’t start well, with me waking up late.

Seems like the shampoo I’m using now isn’t suitable, despite washing my hair on Sat, woke up today with an itchy head. Running late for work, but I can’t stand working with an itchy scalp.

So by the time I left house, it was already 9.45am.

Thankfully it was relatively fast to get a cab. Reached office by 10.10am 🙂

Somehow, the bluey bug hit me. Very moody throughout the entire day, that I was on the verge of taking PM leave to go for a walk. Sigh.

Not wanting to waste my leave, which is private limited by the way, I endured. 30 mins before the office day ends.

But it’s raining outside now. Forgot to bring my jacket, forgot to bring the umbrella which I brought home from office last Friday.

That means.. I’m stuck in office until the rain stops.


I shall take the train to Bugis, buy an umbrella from Giordano and go for a walk at Bugis Village.

Shall see how later.

Doing a fair bit of research today, on a bluey Monday.

More complaints

Found another reason of not going town on a weekend. The bus to orchard/bugis is ALWAYS packed. Frequency is much lesser compared to a weekday peak-hour, that means longer waiting time if you can’t board the bus.

Waited 10mins for the bus just now, which was quite reasonable given that the bus practically stops at all the stops from CCK interchange to my bus stop. While boarding and waiting for the other passengers to move in, this lady behind me kept pushing. What’s the hurry? U used coins to pay your bus fare, there’s no hurry in getting your bus ticket mah, since you’ll get to the ticket machine soon. But no, she pushed and pushed and pushed. Nearly fell because of her. Haiyos. After the journey through BKE/PIE, people alighted. And she pushed and pushed and pushed to get to the vacant seats. Wah lao.. Stand a bit will die meh?

Cannot take it. I am going to enjoy bag shopping with Lee Wei in the terribly-packed orchard. Then meeting the photo-khakis for Circle Line shooting!

Being random

Always forgot there’s a reason why I don’t like taking trains. During peak hours, it’s worse than travelling on buses. You feel like a sardine jammed in a sandwich. Trains that do not bring you the whole journey, or you had to change 2 trains just to get to your destination. No idea why I got on the train that terminated its service at Yishun when i’m heading towards Bukit Batok. I swear the display board said Jurong East when I boarded!

Alighted at Yio Chu Kang and waited for the next (second in fact) train that goes Jurong East. Feels like being in outer space, surrounding looks so alien.

I think I’m still a bus person. Despite inconsiderate passengers who do not move to the rear, despite the irregular arrival timings. Despite having to tolerate traffic jams.

🙂 it’s a happy day.