Congratulations Yusheng & Liting!

Attended Yusheng & Liting’s wedding dinner tonight!

Supposedly I had 2 wedding dinners to attend, but had to sacrifice one. Yusheng’s the lucky one! 🙂

It must have been fate to be classmates for 4 years. Secondary school days are always the most memorable days for most of us. Wasn’t close to them during school days, very surprised that the 2E4 guys never fail to include me in their gatherings in the recent years. Loved hanging out with them, the lame jokes from them. They never fail to make me laugh! But I’ve been told I didn’t laugh loud enough! *faints*

Truth to say, it’s a little awkward when the whole group are guys, and I’m the only female (excluding their gfs). But it’s all in the name of fun. I don’t keep in constant contact with them, it’s heartwarming that I’m remembered as the class monitor (monitress), and that their gfs knows me by name too! Really very touched, thanks guys!

Had a fun night tonight, the thumbprint joke made my night. haha!

Will upload photo(s) when I get from the guys.

The class monitress signing off.

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  1. Hey Shuyun!!

    Thank you so much for your well wishes!! You are so much more than just a class monitress in our eyes leh! 😀 It’s always fun to hang out with the crazy bunch of people and I’m fortunate to have 2 such bunches in my life!

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