Jumping onto the bandwagon

Not the Social Media bandwagon, that’s recently quite hot on the news.

I’m referring to the DSLR bandwagon.

There has been a trend in the recent years, to own a DSLR. Everywhere you go, you see DSLR. What happened to compact cameras?!

A DSLR is not a normal camera. It needs more TLC as compared to a compact. You can’t just leave it lying around when not in use. Of course, considering the huge amount of money spent on it, you won’t leave it lying around right?

It’s best kept in a dry cabinet when not in use. Something I learnt from my fellow photography enthusiasts.

I’ve seen many mummys using DSLR to shoot their kids. And I can’t help but wonder, do they really know how to take care of the DSLR, or is it just a camera to them?

People buy DSLR, coz it’s glamorous to own one. To most people, I guess, DSLR is just a camera that can produce quality photos. Coz I’ve heard numerous comments that you can just use the AUTO mode of the DSLR. *facepalm*

I’m one who do not like to use the AUTO mode. Hahahha.. I love playing around with the manual mode. And no.. I do not know much of the technical aspects of photography. I just love taking photos. Ever since I started hanging out with photography enthusiasts, I’m using the manual mode more often. Loved how the effects turned out, even on my trusty 6yr old Canon Powershot A80 (which recently died on me by producing overexposed photos when taken outdoors).

Stopped taking photos since then. No proper camera. I have a Fuji compact, but the manual mode isn’t powerful.

I miss going out with my photography gang!

Maybe it’s time for me to jump onto the bandwagon too.

Secret Santa

It’s the company’s tradition to buy someone (randomly allocated) a gift he/she wants. Budget $20.

With our recent move into the new building at 50 Scotts Road, the arrangement was, we buy for JWT people, they buy for us. A good way of “interaction”.

What I wrote as my wish this year..

  1. iPhone Juice Pack. Which I regretted the following week, ‘coz I fulfilled it myself at Comex.
  2. Nikon DSLR
  3. Canon DSLR

I was hoping to get Apple voucher for the first item (before I bought the juice pack myself).

Coz I was on MC on Mon/Tues, and on leave on Wed, I saw a huge gift on my desk when I reported back to work on Thurs!

Gift from Secret Santa!
Gift from Secret Santa!

And I tell u.. it’s FREAKING HEAVY!!!

Everyone was curious about what it contained. Hahaha!

So I started “unboxing” it!

*Didn’t take a video of the unboxing process*

A peep from the side.. DoubleA box?!?!

Couldn’t resist the curiosity anymore. Took a scissors and cut away the wrapping paper. Hahhahaha!

Got my first wish fulfilled!

Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack
Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack

2nd wish fulfilled..

Wish #2: Nikon DSLR
Wish #2: Nikon DSLR

Not bad leh.. high end model somemore!

3rd wish!

Wish #3: Canon DSLR
Wish #3: Canon DSLR

How exciting!

But! What exactly is inside the box?

*cut* *cut* *cut*

That’s A LOT of masking tape used!

And here goes… tadah!

Inside the box..
Inside the box..

Thank you my Secret Santa! But I don’t drink wor..

Much as I’m disappointed I didn’t get anything USEFUL, I had fun unboxing the gift!

Gave the Chang Beer to colleague instead.