Things have been fine..

my standard reply everytime I’m asked the question “how have you been”.

Reality has started to hit. Responsibilities have greatly increased. The bio clock’s tick is getting more obvious, especially from external factors.

While I’m still pretty happy working in my current company..

There are still many things that I’m not happy with. Many things that I know can be improved on but I don’t know how. Many things that belongs to the category of “I should do it” but there’s no one to guide.

Attended an ex-colleague’s wedding just now. Congratulations to the couple for their decade of love, having met exactly 10 yrs ago on 2nd June 1998. Exciting journey =)

I’m.. envious. 10 yrs. That’s long. And here I am still searching for the one! 😉

Been a tiring night. Called a friend with the intention to confirm if I should go ahead with my leave application for friday, only to realise that I may have to shift it as his dad suffered a stroke today and got hospitalised. Shocked as I’d always thought his dad is pretty healthy. Oh well.. take care dude. Your family needs you at this time =)

And I guess it’s almost time to sleep. Though I do have lots of thoughts while on the way home just now.

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