It’s all the tea’s fault

Photos will be up when I sort them out. I promise. Have already uploaded some to flickr though. But I need to upgrade my flickr account. Reached the limit of photos I can display there. haha

My hair smells of ktv room now. Can’t wash hair since it’s already so late. yucks.

Had been a great break for the past few days! On leave on Mon/Tue to settle last min CNY preparation like queueing for bak kwa (yes I’m one of those few who actually queued for 2 hours just to get the maximum-allowed-2kg of bak kwa), baking cookies, last min spring cleaning..

Half day in office on Wed, doing practically nothing. Everyone’s in CNY mood. hahaha

CNY’s pretty normal this yr, except that we’ve got more kids around. More questions from aunts about “when are you bringing ur bf to show us”, “when are you getting married”.. All I replied was, it takes 2 hands to clap. =)

Sat was practically spent at LW’s place. Nice flat she’s got. I’ve got my lucky stars around that day, kept getting blackjack. keke

Busy house-hopping on Sun. Started at the house that’s the furthest away – Kovan. Last stop @ Teck Whye. And then it’s mahjong time. yeah! But my hand’s still itchy now. The 3hr session didn’t curb the itchiness!  Leaving only 3 of us, went to the nearest Kbox @ JEC. Lousy place, Lot1’s was much better that time.

Back home at 11pm. Dead tired but can’t sleep. Brain’s too active!

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