Realised I’ve not been blogging as often as I should have done.

What I’ve been up to these days.. signed up a fitness package with Amore (can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before), preparing to sign up for an Elementary Japanese class @ CC. basically that’s it. ahah..

Been busy at work. Was at training since yesterday, had our exams just now for the certification. Hilarious 1hr of exam session. Online MCQ. You can imagine what we did. ahah.. And yes we all passed! The first 6 in SG to get certified. =D

Had also been busy at night, playing online mahjong. Hahahahaha.. resulting in the shoulder aches. Die.. I need koyok!

And the stupid corn is still on my sole. Shitty piece of corn. 2 months and it’s still there! How am I going to continue my badminton sessions??

Shall go see the doc tomorrow. Need to get it out fast. Getting irritated.