A proper post

A proper post. At last. =)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Been hoping for some kind of a surprise, but it didn’t come. *ouch*

These days I’ve been so sick, mentally. Going to get physically sick soon. Have got many things that I want to write about, but just got no energy at night to sit down properly and give those stuff a proper think-through.

In summary, life has not been too bad. Trying to get myself engaged with outside activities, after working hours that is. Like participating in chingay, finding courses to enrich myself.

MapleStory is becoming a bored game, especially when no one’s online most of the time. Lack of motivation to train my character. Stuck at level 77 for so long.

Sigh.. Life is becoming so mundane now that I’ve officially entered the workforce. Standard routine everyday: work > home > tv > 1hr (or maybe even less) of comp > sleep.


As age catches up, I’m starting to feel the stress. Acting nonchalant, in actual fact I’m not. It didn’t feel any better when I’m seeing more of my friends starting the new phase of their lives. You know what I mean.

But still, life’s been good in general. Still glad I’m given a chance to experience life. =)

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