I need another MC

Pretty speechless actually.. But I need to type something to stop myself from thinking too much into what happened and to stop blaming myself for it.

Just took another pill. Yeah I’m officially down with flu, started yesterday? Monday? I’ve no idea. Just knew that I’m glad the tissue box was beside me while I was rushing work in office today. And to say that I was talking about revitalised in my previous entry. Big contrast. But yeah. Wasn’t feel good with the flu, and things was made worse when something happened in the day. Felt so down, that I left office after clearing as much work as I could, strolling around aimlessly.  Didn’t feel any better when my feet brought me to Raffles City. Neither did it help when I blasted the radio on my mp3 player.

It felt so bad, that I didn’t know who I could call. The only choice I had was to walk and think what went wrong. Until my feet brought me back home. No I didn’t walk back home all the way from Raffles City, in case you are wondering. Though I almost took bus 16 to East Coast Park.

Oh well.. not that I felt any better after typing it out. And yes my flu got worse.

I need another break. I can’t handle what I’m facing now. I can’t say I’m on the verge of tears, trying to act normal as if nothing had happened.

It didn’t feel any better when I didn’t get the kind of response I want. :'(

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