I need another MC

Pretty speechless actually.. But I need to type something to stop myself from thinking too much into what happened and to stop blaming myself for it.

Just took another pill. Yeah I’m officially down with flu, started yesterday? Monday? I’ve no idea. Just knew that I’m glad the tissue box was beside me while I was rushing work in office today. And to say that I was talking about revitalised in my previous entry. Big contrast. But yeah. Wasn’t feel good with the flu, and things was made worse when something happened in the day. Felt so down, that I left office after clearing as much work as I could, strolling around aimlessly.  Didn’t feel any better when my feet brought me to Raffles City. Neither did it help when I blasted the radio on my mp3 player.

It felt so bad, that I didn’t know who I could call. The only choice I had was to walk and think what went wrong. Until my feet brought me back home. No I didn’t walk back home all the way from Raffles City, in case you are wondering. Though I almost took bus 16 to East Coast Park.

Oh well.. not that I felt any better after typing it out. And yes my flu got worse.

I need another break. I can’t handle what I’m facing now. I can’t say I’m on the verge of tears, trying to act normal as if nothing had happened.

It didn’t feel any better when I didn’t get the kind of response I want. :'(

Too blessed to be stressed

Might have overworked myself the past few weeks, without a really good rest during weekends as well.

I knew flu was coming, popped medicine on Sun night. Was it the strong medicine, or was it me who’s too tired? I couldn’t wake up on Mon morning despite a good 8hr of sleep. Stoned the whole morning in office, before I decided to take the afternoon off and head home to sleep. 5 hrs of afternoon nap. Felt so refreshed when I woke up at 7pm. Having enough sleep really work wonders. Though it’s not enough to compensate what had been lost for the past 2 months, I’m still thankful for an understanding boss for not treating my “off” as leave, but as time off for the hardwork put in instead, thankful for him for letting me have a good rest.

I’m seriously glad I chose to come back here and work. Though I can only compare with the hell-company I was at prior to this current one, I still believe I made the right choice. A caring & understanding boss isn’t easy to find.

I’m happy with where I am now. Learning what I want to learn, applying what I learnt on the job. It’s getting more interesting when I’ve learnt how to multitask more. More projects getting on hand, some of which are on stuff that I’ve not touched on before.  Good learning experience, I’d say. Slow but steady.

It’s only when you feel a sense of belonging would you want to put in more effort in what you’re doing. I believe it’s something I’ve mentioned before. Mentioned to my boss that I’m stressed in performing better than what I’ve already done, he gave me this phrase: we’re too blessed to be stressed. Which is true in a way. How stress can you be, when you have no worries on having a roof above your head, having food to eat everyday, having clothes to wear.. =)

It’s time to gear up. I’ve never felt so revitalised as I’d felt the whole day today. I’m still energetic after clocking in 13hours of work (excluding lunch hour) today. Probably it’s the much needed nap that I had yesterday afteroon. -)

换换爱 Why Why Love

Same cast as Devil Beside You. Rainie, Chuan Yi & Jun Xiang!

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*note: for Ep1, please add the uploader as your friend in yt to view the video. =)

Thoughts & more thoughts

Just finished watching Campus SuperStar II Finals. Seriously felt like I’m supporting my little brother, when my sms-es were sent non-stop to vote for Shawn (whom I call boy-boy). It’s cool that he’s the overall winner, though there are things that he can improve on =) What’s more heartwarming, is the whole family watching tv together. Not that we don’t do it often, but when each of us gets busy with our lives, the amount of quality time spent together drops. Especially when I seldom leave office on the dot..

Had been having a packed schedule recently. I’m one who usually don’t go out on weekdays, I believe in spending that quality time during & after dinner with my family. Unless special occasions will I meet up with friends for dinner during Mon – Thurs.

The sunday after the movie marathon, I actually met up with Fen for kopi session in the afternoon after tuition. Another impromptu session of mine. Walked around BPP cd shops, trying to find the OST of 881. Sadly, CD-RAMA, Sembawang Music Centre & Laser Flair have run out of stock. =S Just when I boarded the bus back home, I decided to just proceed to Causeway Point to try my luck. Heh.. No luck! But I managed to reserve copies for myself & my movie partner =)

The Wednesday night.. a special occasion made me break my “rule” of having dinner at home. A farewell dinner was held for one of my good friends from school. He’s heading to Japan for a job opportunity. Take care pal! Please buy a webcam so that we can see how you’re doing over there!

Friday.. Had a gals’-only dinner @ V8 cafe @ Bugis Junction. Gossips (eh.. on a side note, it’s this grp of gals – including the one gal who couldn’t join us – who make me feel that I’m a gal! Haha.. So hard to gossip with my buddies lah.. do guys actually gossip??), dinner, chit-chat. Was a fun dinner =D Met up with the guys (from the same group of khakis as the gals) for SCP (short for Sweet Chicken Porridge) and Selegie Tau Huay. Wah.. it was a real sinful day. Had a late breakfast @ 10.30am, company lunch @ 12noon, tea-break by my boss @ 5pm, dinner @ 8pm, supper & dessert @ 10pm. -.-” It’s no wonder I put on weight. Work itself is sinful – seeing that food is readily available at all times.

Today! The same group of friends from yesterday’s dinner/supper. All of us were so tired today. LoL. But we still executed our originally-planned photography trip! Yay! Lots of photos were taken! Photography had always been an interest of mine, in case you do not know. Since the day I bought my own Canon Powershot A80, the amount of disk space used for photos have drastically increased. =D

The day was fun, with us walking around NTU searching for venues that we always loiter at, places we did our notes cramming just before exams, LTs that we had most of our lectures in.. Proceeded on to Esplanade (realised that it’s a very popular place for phototaking).

It was Häagen Daz next, for us to sit down and relax after a long day. Fondue was what we had!! My first time eating (mountain tortoise!!)! Was feeling so excited when the fondue was placed on our table 😛 当我在吃那浓浓巧克力的时候,真的有种幸福的感觉!It felt sooooo heavenly =)

Ahhhhh… until this point of time, I’m feeling so tired! Eyes closing! Body’s tired! Had been a long time since I last woke up naturally and not by alarm. =

Will upload photos when I finished editing =)

zi lang zi bua.. gum qing buay sua..

Back from movie marathon! Thanks for watching both shows with me! Doubt anyone is crazy enough to watch continuous movies ba.. haha.. Had a great time watching! =D

zi lang zi bua.. gum qing buay sua.. zi lang zi su gu..gum qing jia eh gu..

There are many blogs talking about this local movie about getais. I believe you have read about this show, so I won’t write much about it. I hear the song 一人一半 before hearing about the movie, after watching the movie, that’s it. Sad story behind the song.

Found this link from another blog. As written in my previous post, the original of this song is in Hokkien, 《一人一半感情不散》 by 范俊福. Liu Ling Ling (or 玲姨 in the show)’s version of the Hokkien song.

Here’s the link to the song in chinese

Thanks to my movie partner for finding these links!

The 881 cast @ Ubi Ave1 Getai!

Go watch it! Touching show. Can’t wait for the Soundtrack be out soon! They ran out of stock! (Couldn’t find it @ HMV just now. Probably they don’t have? The blog says 2nd release of the ost was out on 15Aug.)

不能说的秘密 (Secret)
What can I say about this movie.. Jay Chou did a good job for his first production! Like wat my movie partner said, the story is kinda straight forward, it’s the way it’s being filmed. Well.. I watch shows to relax. As long as the story is simple, actors can act, high chance I’ll like the show. LoL. And yes.. I’m a goner for romance movies. So I guess this movie was a right choice =)

Because of the timings of the shows, we didn’t have a proper dinner. And I’m freaking hungry now. =X

伍加輝 – 《一人一半》 (881)

If you’re wondering what this song is.. the original of this song is in Hokkien. Verse was rewritten to be sung in Mandarin.

One of the songs from the local movie 881. Enjoy =)

(Duet version)

(solo version)

改編詞:小寒 曲:伍加輝

一人一半 感情不散
一人一素故 感情才會久
時光累計 安靜的淚滴
一心去追 愛那么可貴

這樣的人 這樣地等
為愛翻滾 不計傷痕

這樣的人 別笑我蠢
傻傻的 心痛也不覺疼
就算天冷 就算殘忍

一人一半 感情不散
已經找到愛 為何要離開

時光累計 安靜的淚滴
一心去追 愛那么可貴

Repeat Chorus*

一人一半 感情不散
已經找到愛 為何要離開
已經找到愛 為何先離開

Duodenal Ulcer

Some of you may have known, my bro was hospitalised few days back.

Finally understood what happened. – Duodenal Ulcer.

Dunno eh? =D

According to the doctor, duodenal is somewhere between the stomach & the intestine.

The ulcer was bleeding, and it led to a low red blood cell count. Couldn’t understand why this was the case, shouldn’t the red blood cell count be higher? Until my bro told me.. ulcer bleeding, blood actually got released out of the bloodstream. LOL.

The cause of the ulcer? Ha..

A duodenal ulcer occurs when an alteration occurs in the aggressive and/or protective factors such that the balance is in favor of gastric acid and pepsin. Any process that increases gastric acidity (eg, individuals with increased maximal and basal acid output), decreases prostaglandin production (eg, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [NSAIDs]), or interferes with the mucous layer (eg, Helicobacter pylori infection) can cause such an imbalance and lead to peptic ulcer disease. — Adopted from eMedicine.com

Now you know.. Have your meals on time!