Late Night Supper

Prior to dinner, I kopped lots of shows from budz. Thanks! =D

Dinner was at Bedok yet again! Standard wasn’t as good as it wasn’t the chief chef doing the cooking. But the company was good. My 2 budz + Eric. Haha.. Couldn’t decide what we wanted to do after dinner, think we sat at that table for quite long before I saw Ah Qi! Think I haven’t seen her for 2 yrs? The last time was when I met her for lunch at her workplace. Whaahha! Great catching up with her while the 3 guys decide where to next.

Finally decided on pool! Went down Selegie and waited quite long again, all places full! Got our table at Pool Fusion at 9+? As usual, I sat there watching the 3 of them play until 12 b4 we met Eric’s neighbour for supper at some tong shui cafe @ Liang Seah St. Prob the next time I should have a go at pool. next time. =X

Dead tired by the time I reached home at 2.10am.