A Trip to the East 《东游记》

“Dinner tomorrow?”
“Steady! Where?”
“I’ll pick you up at Redhill lah”
“Ok steady!”

6pm. Redhill MRT.
6.10pm. Tanjong Pagar to pick budz up.

6.50pm. Bedok e.BlackBoard! Serves western food. Check out the menu below.

e.BlackBoard menu pg1

e.BlackBoard menu pg2

7.30pm. Food arrived. Yummy! Looking at the serving (er I didn’t take any photos with my camera as it was too dark, and my camera is still at Turkey). This was what we had:

e.BlackBoard receipt

3 people having western food at a coffeeshop at a total cost of $38! Sounds freaking expensive but trust me, the food is FANTASTIC! Restaurant food at coffeeshop price! The serving for their Pork Ribs is HUGE. xDD

8pm. Feeling VERY full. Deciding on next destination.

Tah dah! This was where we went!

Can’t see clearly? LoL.. Pretty obvious eh? Here’s another obvious hint!

Yes yes this was where we went!

Wahahah! Since we went ECP the previous time, we decided to check out Changi Airport this time! Walked around T1 Arrival & Departure halls, then to T2. I’d always loved going to the airport, it’s such a good destress-ing place for me xD Seeing the anxious family members waiting for their loved ones to exit the gate, seeing other family members sending their loved ones overseas.. It’s just so窝心 =) If not for the fact that the airport is at the other end of the island, and that it takes me a good 1.5hrs to reach by public transport, I’d have visit the place much more frequently.

Still feeling full, the 2 guys decided to have dessert @ Swensons. Long queue! LoL! Ended up having sundae pies @ Burger King. hahha!

Back home at 11.30pm, still feeling very full, I had soup and supper waiting for me! Supper was a packet of DURIAN!!! *blurps* I’ve yet touched it, ‘coz I’m still feeling so full now! =X

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