new MV – Tank 专属天使

woo! there’s a new MV for Hana Kimi!

Starring Ella & Wu Zun =)

 我不会怪你 对我的伪装
I will not blame you for your disguise
 天使在人间是该藏好 翅膀
Angels in the mortal world should conceal their wings
 人们愚蠢鲁莽 而你纤细善良
Human beings are foolish and impertinent, but you’re nicety and kind-hearted
How could I ever watch you get hurt because of me?

 小小的手掌 厚厚的 温暖
Those small palms of yours provide me abundance of warmth
You’re always there to calm me during periods of restless night
 不敢想的梦想 透过 你的眼光
I’ve given up my dream/aspiration But through your vision, 
我才看见它原来在前 方
I’m able to see a glimpse of hope again

Nobody is going to take you away from me
 你是我的专属天使 为我 能独占
You’re my solely my angel only I belong to you

Nobody is gonna replace you in my heart
 拥有一个专属天使  我哪里还需要别的愿望
I’ve no more desires as I’m contented having a solely angel by my side.

 小小的手掌 大大的 力量
Your’re palms are small but strong
I will definitely soar high together with you
 你想去的地方 就是我的 方向
My destination will be wherever you wish to go to
 有我保护笑容尽管灿 烂
I will be here to shield you from any danger, thus, do maintain your brilliant smile

 要不是你出现 我一定还在沉睡
Should you not appear in my life, I would still be deep in my sleep
 绝望的以为 生命只 有黑夜
I dejectedly thought that life is only filled with darkness.

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