Happenings in school ( Part II of II )

Another humour. Kudos to the writer who has such an excellent way of writing! An article in the Nanyang Chronicle (Jan 07)

And NTU is in the news for the wrong reason again!

No wonder > 90% of students are saying they’re not fond of the school. The reason they are there is simply because of the paper that is called bachelor degree.

Happenings in school ( Part I of II )

A bit late.. but still.. just some humour =D

Received this email in my school mailbox last Thursday.

From: Shum Ping (Director-NTRC)
Sent: Thu 04-Jan-07 12:21 PM
Subject: Today on ChannelU: Project Superstar – Zhang Lesheng from NTU
Dear all,

Zhang Lesheng received his BEng and MSc from NTU. He is a contestant of project superstar. Today, you will see him on channel U (8-9pm). We look forward to your support to our NTU superstar Zhang Lesheng !

You can only vote for him today from 8-11pm. Send M1 to 71199. Your votes today will be very crucial to him. Please consider to send him 10 votes today ( cost you only 60 cents per vote ). There is no limit on the number of votes which can be sent from one handphone number (Votes sent out by prepaid SIM card will not be counted) .

* This is the website of M1-Zhang Lesheng http://www.zhanglesheng.com/ ( his BLOG, photo collections, profiles are all included ) . He will be very happy to receive emails from you.

Hi Sir/Madam, 60 cents may not mean a lot to you since you are a director. It may be PEANUTS to you, but $6 is enough to cover my 3 meals. it cost ONLY 60 cents. Yeah thanks. We don’t need you to remind us that it’s ONLY 60 cents.