gotta blog this down xD

After the last of my group of frens left school, I was left alone to fend for myself against the troop of mosquitoes at 10+pm. Another hour to go before the guys come school to fetch me for supper.

15minutes later, a group of guys came to join the battle. A bit late though.. I was already defeated by the troop. Both legs full of mosquito bites!! The guys came and they won the battle. Why? ‘Coz they brought along mosquito coil!! Ahhhh!!! If only they came earlier! Thanks for offering me one! Hahaha… Though too late for the already-defeated legs! Lesson learnt: if staying to study till late, BRING MOSQUITO COIL!!! =X

Supper! Went Foong Seng! Actually I wasn’t hungry. Hahaha.. dunno why everytime I go out for supper with the guys, I always had late dinners.. Kind-of made a wasted trip out, but it was a good way to keep myself awake and refraining from eating. Hahaha.. If I’m at home at that time, I’d have been searching for junk food. Thanks guys! xD

Can’t wait for exams to end. A few days break after that. Then it’s FYP and work!