Trumatising experience

A sudden gush of water was heard in the middle of exams. I was in the Auditorium Foyer, sitting at the very first column, just beside the pantry. The sound amused me, so I looked up. Since the pantry was behind me and was out of bounds, it was obvious the sound didn’t come from there.

I saw .. water dripping from the seat that was immediate diagonal front on my left! OMG! THAT SEAT WAS OCCUPIED!!!! I thought it was the water dripping out from his water bottle since the guy seemed undisturbed. But still, I had no more mood to continue on the paper.

Towards the end of the exam, a smell that smelt like PORRIDGE was all around me. Which is extremely IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to bring in food whilst the exam is still in progress.

“Please stop writing…”

Few minutes later.. “You may now leave the examination hall”


OMG! He PEE-ED in the middle of the exam hall!! Ahhhh!!!!! How can that happen for such an easy paper?! He’d entirely spoilt my mood for the rest of my exam.


post-edit: I’ve received feedback that it sounds kua-zhang, but still, if it’s not what is described here, tell me the source of the water. =X

My mum says he might have weak muscles control. So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now.