a letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

In the 23 years of my life, this is the first time I’m writing a letter(e-mail) to you. The reason for this letter is that I want to fulfil the dreams of my friends around me. It’s beyond my capability, but I know that Santa can fulfil this wish for me.

Falloutx may not have been a very good boy this year, but he has been one for about 90% throughout the entire year. He has been a good friend to me, always the first to ask me if I’ve gotten the Vampire3 files, always there to answer my questions regarding school work. All these stuff are more than enough to prove that his wishes should be fulfiled by you, Santa. All he wants this Xmas is 1) A sling bag to carry to school (though he doesn’t look like he’s going to the market with the plastic file he carries to school, as his friends claims), 2) Berkinstock Sandals (it doesn’t matter if it’s a second-hand :P), 3) An MP3 player, 4) A new PC (I think he needs MP3 player more, he already has a laptop), 5) Asic running shoe (DS traininer) (he needs it badly as his old ones are badly battered. Santa, he’s too greedy le.. just fulfil any one of his wishes will do. 😛

YX is another good friend of mine. He is always around whenever I am finding someone to disturb. He always let me knock on his head. Though I do not know what he wants this Xmas, Santa, please show him the light to get out of this dark path of his life. I miss the old YX.

Phee has been quite a good boy this year. Always bake cookies for us to eat. Just this point is enough for Santa to grant him any wishes that he has for Xmas.

I want to thank Ashley for always helping me with things. Santa please sprinkle some “wake-up” powder on her so that she can wake up from her dream of being a pig? She loves to sleep too much. Help her save money to buy a new phone Sony Ericsson K700i too.

As for Jigg, she wants a Canvas shoe this Xmas. But Santa, what’s more important now is to help her transform into a young lady who likes to dress up. She has got a nice figure that ought to be made known to the world.

LW.. Santa please give her a good job where the company won’t eat up her pay anymore. She has been a very good buddy, always there for me to shout and scream to. Santa please help her deal with her fate (ming4 yun4). Ming4 yun4 has been making her move around too much, with the companies eating up her pay.

For my family, god-sister Pearl, those named above and other friends whom I’ve not named here, Santa please grant them all good health, and more importantly, fulfil whatever wishes they might have.

Thank you Santa for making this small wish of mine come true.

Forever believing you exist,
the Sunshine who brightens up everyone’s life