I can do with a life revamp

It might be the recent emotional roller coaster ride that brought along the emotional mood today.

Had a little bit of me-time today, and many thoughts came to the little mind.

Is my current life what I want? What can I do to achieve some breakthrough, in many areas of my life now?

Contentment is what I’ve been telling myself, but there are times when that doesn’t work. Those are the times when I felt lost in life, like now.

The current election might also be a trigger – I was telling mum yesterday, that choosing the ruling party is like my current situation in life – when you are too comfortable at your current point, and didn’t want to make major changes to it, you wouldn’t know if life can be better, if you choose to remain where you are.

I want a major breakthrough. But how? I probably need to take (another) long break and plan.

Or better still..

Engage an IA person to draft out my wireframes in life.
Get a designer to design a nice and pretty view based on the wireframes.
And have a project manager to make sure that I follow the wireframes according to the timeline.
And also have a suit to block unwanted noise.

That would be perfect.

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