Using Facial Products

Nope this is not a sponsored post, neither is it an advertorial.

It all started when I was chatting with Kat on msn, who is currently working in P&G, specialising on Olay & SK-II products.

She told me on her not-lazy days, she would apply up to 11 products on her face. I went WHAT?! I thought I was hardworking when my daily regime consists of 5 steps. *stares at Kat*

What my regime (on non-lazy days) consists of:

Day time:
– Skin Food Black Sugar Bubble Foam Cleanser [ I’m a fan of foam cleansers, there is no fixed one that I use ]
– Su Hyang Snow Beginning Serum
– Su Hyang Snow Boosting Toner
Su Hyang Snow Essence / Dr. Beauty Ion Whitening Spot Corrector [ I alternate between these 2 ]
– Su Hyang Snow Balancing Fluid / Balancing Moisturiser
[I don’t usually put on make-up, but if I do, there’s an additional step of BB-cream here]

Night time:
Peeling Day White Jewel [ Alternate days ]
– Skin Food Black Sugar Bubble Foam Cleanser
Marine Step Cell Cell Revive Mist Toner
Raspberry ROOTS Collagen Eye Patch [ Once / Twice a week ]
– Mask [ Once a week ]
Su Hyang Snow Maximising Gel Cream

Mine used to be all Su Hyang Snow ( from THE FACESHOP ) products, until I explored other brands like Marine Step Cell ( also from THE FACESHOP ), Dr. Beauty ( from THE SAEM, in Korea, not available in Singapore ). So far so good, no major outbreaks for the past 3 months.

And what Kat’s regime consists of: [ Copied and pasted from the list she gave me ]

*Morning [Days when I ‘m not lazy & when I remember I have a bad complexion]
1) Cleanse face when showering
2) Facial Clear Lotion – Toner
3) Facial treatment essence – Miracle water
4) Facial Treatment Repair C [Maintain skin renewal & reduce fine lines]
5) Whitening source derm definition [targeting spots on my face]
6) Moisturiser
7) Facial Treatment UV Protection – Sunblock
*8) Eye Cream [If u have dark eye rings like me]
9) Olay Touch of foundation
10) Concealer [If you have pimples or occasional blemishes like me]
11) Pigeon Powder [Most people will use loose powder/compressed powder]
12) Blusher

*Night [Nights when I’m not defeated by the exhaustion of the avalanche of work]
1) Cleansing Oil [Clean make up] Some people use wipes
2) Water [Oil & water emulsify to give a thorough cleanse] If you use cleansing gel, can skip this step
3) Cleanser
4) Facial Clear Lotion – Toner
5) Cellumination Mask In Lotion [Boost Aura, radiance & whitening] *Optional
*6) Skin Rebooster [Wipe off gel mask for hydration during shower]
7) Facial Treatment Essence – Miracle Water
8) Facial Treatment Repair C [Maintain skin renewal & reduce fine lines]
9) Skin Refining Treatment [Exfoliate dead skin & refine clogged pores]
10) Signs Up lifter [Prevent Skin sagging & Aging]
*Occasional mask every 1 or 2 weeks is highly recommended.

This was what went on in my mind when I saw her list : -_-!!

I’m impressed. How can one be so hardworking every morning??

But then, the face is ours. We should take good care of it, regardless how lazy we are.  Personally I don’t think there is a right or wrong to a regime, as long as it suits you. So that’s mine & Kat’s regime, what about yours?