Chapter 2.9

I set out to do many things today – dental visit, blog entries, clear room, change bedsheet.. the list goes on.

And only one was completed – dental visit. Simply because the appointment was made 3 months ago. LoLs!

Spent the morning at the dentist, then met up with mum at Lot1 for lunch + foot massage.

All spendings today are paid for. No the dental visit wasn’t free… but it’s claimable! The pants I bought from Converse was on discount, and paid using my new Standard Chartered credit card which had free $50 credit. Lunch & foot massage was complimentary from mum. :p

Had a family dinner at Dian Xiao Er @ Jurong Point on Sunday. Feels nice to be the princess once in a while :p

So what’s in the line for the start of chapter 2.9?

Made an appointment for blood donation. With 3 failed attempts over the past 2 yrs, I’m gonna make sure this will succeed! This will be a good start, I hope 🙂

By the way..



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