Cisco launches Flip Video™

Cisco Systems [yesss I love this company, coz that’s where I had my first internship 10 years ago!] recently launched a new Camcorder in Singapore.

Was privileged to get invited to the launch event on Thurs 🙂

Camcorders might seem common these days, but a pocket camcorder? That was what attracted me! But I was pretty skeptical on the video output. Will the quality be comprised?

So we took the Flip Video™(s) and went around doing some “testing”.

Did this indoor, at the dining venue.

And this was taken outdoor, at the open area of VivoCity at 3rd floor.

Doesn’t seem to impress me much actually. But I’m pretty cool with it, seeing that it’s a compact camcorder. It’s good for play use!

Not until.. I saw the “Watch in HD” mode on youtube! haha oops!

It’s nice of the organisers to have a “choose the correct flip and u get to own it” game. Yes I won it ahhaha!

So I took it with me to a colleague’s housewarming on Sat. Here’s the video I took, in bright daylight, indoor. 🙂

Take a closer look at 0:52. I’m impressed by how the video auto adjusts the brightness as it moves.

Oh! I haven’t show you the size of the camcorder right? Here you go!

The name tag is the normal credit card size. That’s how small the Flip Video™ is (the one in the backdrop is MinoHD™)!

More info on Flip Video™ on the official site.

Cisco Flip MinoHD™ is currently retailing at SGD 349, if you’re keen to get one 🙂

Finally, thank you Julian from Text100 for the invite!

He’s Beautiful

If you’ve watched the korean drama He’s Beautiful, you wouldn’t feel unfamiliar with this song

Yup this is the theme song, Still by Lee Hong Ki from F.T. Island.

With the recent debut of the drama in Taiwan, Lee Hong Ki offered to do a mandarin version of the theme song!

This song was recorded within 30mins! Considering that it’s a foreign language, Lee Hong Ki’s good! 😀

Oh I’m gonna rewatch the drama! :p