I realise..

I realise..

that I get emo quite easily these days

that I’m not as patient as I used to be

that I’ve lost the capability of good finance management

that I’ve also lost the capability of good time management

that I’ve started to look forward to weekends on Mondays

that I’ve been having Monday blues very frequently these days

that I’m no longer looking forward to work (gonna get killed for posting this)

that this peak period is way beyond my capability

I think I need a break. From everything.

Super Junior (part 2)

You must be wondering why I didn’t write about which songs Super Junior sang during the showcase.

Well.. that’s because I didn’t know what were the songs (probably except for the latest hit song – Bonamana) then!

Read a few posts on the showcase, now I finally know what was sung that day! :p

As in my previous post, the first time I saw their performance, was when I read DK’s entry on Super Junior crash course. In awed with their performance for the 2 videos I watched.. I kinda expected their performance that night to be of the same standard.

Here’s the first song that they sang – Bonamana. Hit song from the latest (4th) album.


In the 4th album, only 10 members are active. And since this is the latest album, you should be able to recognise 9 of them from the photos I posted previously. Same hairstyle. Probably the only 1 member who doesn’t look familiar – that’s KyuHyun 😀

Neat performance. 10 of them, you don’t find it messy at all. Actions are well timed! Compare that with the original MV:

Equally neat, if not better, since it’s a MV!

2nd song, was a solo by Yesung – It has to be you. The theme song for the show Cinderella’s Sister.

Next was Rokkugo, by one of the sub-groups SuJu-T. This is SuJu-T’s Japanese debut.

Following is another sub-group SuJu-H’s Pajama Party.

 Finally! How can they miss out their hit song – Sorry Sorry? That’s the first song that I heard from them!

Only 11 members appeared during this.  Here’s a video with the 12 members. (Missing Kibum who left to pursue his acting career).

Very neat performance I say. 🙂

Now compare their performance with the original MV.

Are you convinced yet? That they can dance VERY well? :p


There are 4 sub-groups: SuJu-T(rot), SuJu-M(andarin), SuJu-Happy, SuJu-K.R.Y.

SuJu-T members: Heechul, Leetuk, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kangin, Shindong

SuJu-M members: Hankyung, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Donghae, 2 others not from SuJu.

SuJu-H members: Leetuk, Sungmin, Shindong, Yesung, Kangin, EunHyuk

SuJu-K.R.Y members: (like the group name says) Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung

Alright! Some unfamiliar names? Hankyung, Kangin & Kibum are currently inactive in the group.


This post was started at 6+, took a 1hr dinner break, and it’s 11.15 now. It was a challenge writing this, I ended up watching their performances on youtube!

I can never get tired of their songs and dances (yet)!

Recognising the members of Super Junior

I didn’t mean to flood with Super Junior posts, but I didn’t want to flood my browser with the Youtube tab everytime I open it. :p

Yes someone sent me (I think it’s Jiayun! Cannot remember already.. she sent me so long ago!) the link to youtube, on the “biography” of the different members. Do NOT play the videos embedded below if you don’t want to see their un-artistey look. 😀



Name; Kim Ryeo-wook
DOB: 21 June 1987
Sub-groups: K.R.Y, SuJu-M



Name: Kim Jong-Woon
DOB: 24 August 1984
Sub-groups: K.R.Y, SuJu-H(appy)


Leetuk (on the right)
Leetuk (on the right)

Name: Park Jung-soo
DOB: 1 July 1983
Sub-groups: SuJu-H(appy), SuJu-T(rot)


Donghae br/Photo credit: Lester Chan
Donghae (on the left) (Photo credit: Lester Chan)

Name: Lee Dong-hae
DOB: 15 Oct 1986
Sub-group: SuJu-M


Heechul (centre)
Heechul (centre) (Photo Credit: Lester Chan)

Name: Kim Hee-chul
DOB: 10 July 1983
Sub-group: SuJu-T(rot)


Sungmin (Left)
Sungmin (Right)

Name: Lee Sung-min
DOB: 1 Jan 1986
Sub-groups: SuJu-T(rot), SuJu-H(appy)


Siwon (Right)
Siwon (Right)

Name: Choi Si-won
DOB: 10 Feb 1987
Sub-group: SuJu-M



Name: Lee Hyuk-jae
DOB: 4 Apr 1986
Sub-groups: SuJu-T(rot), SuJu-H(appy)


Shindong (Right) (Photo credit: Lester Chan)
Shindong (Right) (Photo credit: Lester Chan)

Name: Shin Dong-hee
DOB: 28 Sep 1985
Sub-groups: SuJu-T(rot), SuJu-H(appy)


[I’m sure you can search for his photos online. He didn’t come Singapore for the Singtel-Samsung Galaxy S showcase.]

Name: Cho Kyu-hyun
DOB: 3 Feb 1988
Sub-groups: K.R.Y, SuJu-M

Super Junior (was) in town!

When Huishan asked me if I’m interested in the Super Junior showcase, I went (to myself).. “who’s Super Junior?” (Despite having their poster in my room’s wall for the past years). Nevertheless, I said Yes!, seeing that I seldom reject invitations to concerts. So I went!

Before leaving house, I read DK’s entry on Super Junior. That was the FIRST time I watched their video. First time hearing the song “Sorry Sorry”. And I was impressed by their performance. A group of (currently active) 10 members, the dance was perfect! Very neat performance they had!

It was at the venue (Marina Bay Sands) that I realised, it was actually the Singtel-Samsung Galaxy S showcase (coz I only had ticket to the showcase and not the media release)!

While waiting for them to appear, I was playing around with my D90. Haven played much with it, need to find out what/where are the buttons/features. LOL. Turned out that the lens that I brought along didn’t perform as good as expected, my Canon Powershot SX120IS was so much better!

Enough said, here are some of the (better ones) photos!

Heechul, Yesung, Leetuk
Siwon, Leetuk
Siwon, Leetuk
Heechul, Siwon
Heechul, Siwon
Dong Hae, Eun Hyuk, Sungmin
Dong Hae, Eun Hyuk, Sungmin
Ryeowook, Yesung, Dong Hae, Eun Hyuk
Ryeowook, Yesung, Dong Hae, Eun Hyuk

I think I have their names correct. 9 of the 10 members were in town, Shindong isn’t in the above photos (couldn’t find a nice one of his in my cameras!). KyuHyun wasn’t in town.

Oh! Today’s (21 June) is Ryeowook’s birthday! They had a mini celebration for him during the showcase.

Ryeowooks birthday (With Sungmin & Heechul)
Happy Birthday Ryeowook! (With Sungmin & Heechul)

Happy Birthday Ryeowook!

Did I mention.. I’m now a fan? I’ve got their albums & posters. Songs on the loop in my playlist. Videos played repeatedly. Geesh!

Thanks DK, Singtel & Samsung for the invite! I had fun!

More photos in my flickr & facebook.

Samsung GALAXY S

SuperJunior was recently here for the launch of Samsung’s new phone – Galaxy S. Had a chance to play with the phone, though it was only a short 5-10 minutes. And I’m totally sold.

What attracted me to the phone?

  • I thought it look like an iphone – iPhone lookalike
  • Sharp colours on screen – better & nicer looking photos, comparing with Huishan’s Omnia
  • Camera has the beauty-shot mode – a mode that Victor kept telling us about, when he was holding on to the review unit of Samsung NX10
  • Record HD videos! – very awed with this! HD leh!

Because it is an Android phone, I thought it might be a good idea to try it out. Having been (stuck) with my iPhone 3G (which I admit I had very wonderful memories with) for a year & a half, I think I need a change. :p

Samsung Galaxy S is currently solely available with Singtel. Ranging from $0 to $768 with contract. I can’t wait!

Oh! Here’s a photo of the 9/10 members of SuperJunior who came!


Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Executive Vice President, Consumer Group, SingTel and Mr Sung-Hyun Moon, Managing Director, Samsung Asia together with Korean pop sensation, Super Junior.

A month hiatus

You might have known, that I have recently bought a D90. 😀

Yes I’ve been going around taking photos, on top of my many OT days at work, and my laziness (more of being tired) on weekday nights. Thus the lack of updates.

No I’ve not disappeared. I’m still pretty active on Twitter & Facebook, you’ll probably be more updated on my whereabouts there 🙂

I’ll be slowly updating on my visits to the many places. I hope.

Stay tuned!