More complaints

Found another reason of not going town on a weekend. The bus to orchard/bugis is ALWAYS packed. Frequency is much lesser compared to a weekday peak-hour, that means longer waiting time if you can’t board the bus.

Waited 10mins for the bus just now, which was quite reasonable given that the bus practically stops at all the stops from CCK interchange to my bus stop. While boarding and waiting for the other passengers to move in, this lady behind me kept pushing. What’s the hurry? U used coins to pay your bus fare, there’s no hurry in getting your bus ticket mah, since you’ll get to the ticket machine soon. But no, she pushed and pushed and pushed. Nearly fell because of her. Haiyos. After the journey through BKE/PIE, people alighted. And she pushed and pushed and pushed to get to the vacant seats. Wah lao.. Stand a bit will die meh?

Cannot take it. I am going to enjoy bag shopping with Lee Wei in the terribly-packed orchard. Then meeting the photo-khakis for Circle Line shooting!

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