Monday Blues

The day didn’t start well, with me waking up late.

Seems like the shampoo I’m using now isn’t suitable, despite washing my hair on Sat, woke up today with an itchy head. Running late for work, but I can’t stand working with an itchy scalp.

So by the time I left house, it was already 9.45am.

Thankfully it was relatively fast to get a cab. Reached office by 10.10am šŸ™‚

Somehow, the bluey bug hit me. Very moody throughout the entire day, that I was on the verge of taking PM leave to go for a walk. Sigh.

Not wanting to waste my leave, which is private limited by the way, I endured. 30 mins before the office day ends.

But it’s raining outside now. Forgot to bring my jacket, forgot to bring the umbrella which I brought home from office last Friday.

That means.. I’m stuck in office until the rain stops.


I shall take the train to Bugis, buy an umbrella from Giordano and go for a walk at Bugis Village.

Shall see how later.

Doing a fair bit of research today, on a bluey Monday.

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