the impromptu dinner

I was thinking.. I need to add life to this blog. Seeing how Grouser’s blog became livier after she added in Movie Reviews entries, I was tempted to follow the trend.

But!!! I’m not good at writing! And I don’t watch movies that often! 😀

Maybe I should just give it a try.

Life, being mundane as usual, today was spent.. in the office! Woohoo~ If you’d heard my (private) rant on plurk, you’d have known why.

6 hours into torturing myself in the office (alone physically), I read (on plurk) that the guys are back in SG! Knowing the coach will bring them to somewhere-near the office area, I thought I’ll call and ask if they want to meet for dinner. Heh! And tata! 7.30pm (and I was slightly late…) I’m at Funan’s Swensens! Nice impromptu dinner with them. There’s always endless (innocent) laughter with them around. Thanks guys (and gals)!

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