The Angel

I can’t stand it when people doesn’t give up their seats without others telling them to.

Though thankfully, they stood up to give up their seats after I politely requested them to.

Happened many times on my way to work. Pissed off with them. What happened to all the manners learnt in primary school?

Take this morning for example. Bus 960 was as packed as usual, this old lady, I estimated her age to be ard 70s, was standing at the 4-seater seats (the one with 2 seats facing backwards). She’s slightly shorter than me, with no seat-handles / bar handles to hold on to, she had to rely on the hanging handle. The route of the bus has quite a few turns before it reaches the next stop, of which the turns, to young people, are not entirely safe without holding on to handles. The hanging handle doesn’t help much ‘coz you have to balance yourself when the bus turns.

Throughout the whole journey, the old lady stood throughout. And the person sitting in front of her, is a woman at her early 30s the most. WTF? Cannot stand up let the old lady sit is it?

I wasn’t an angel today, one thing I was tired, secondly I wanted to see if the woman will stand up or not. #$%^Y&U Wrong choice made. So I asked the lady to stand closer to me and hold on to the seat handle instead. At when she said her feet’s actually aching. Sigh. I should have been an angel and asked people to give up their seats, but doing it so often made me feel like I’m just being a busybody.

The ugliness of Singaporeans.

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