Happy (belated) Birthday Singapore!

Why do I keep getting the impression that Singaporeans are nothing but spoilt brats?


Please don’t compare our glorious NDP to the Olympics opening. Two different occasions, two different locations, two different countries. Obviously they have the money to do a glam show. If we were to have fireworks only once every 4 yrs, you think ours will not be any grand?

Be proud. No matter how small we are, it’s still a nice place to be in.

3 Replies to “Happy (belated) Birthday Singapore!”

  1. Yup I agree..

    The Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies alone will cost US$100m..

    If our NDP cost anywhere close to that, I would be pretty worried actually…

    Lucky me 🙂

  2. The cause of celebration was different as well… Beijing Opening Ceremony is to prove to the rest of the world, esp those outside of Asia, that China can make it. They not just proved it, but topped it!! NDP should be our national pride, we should stand by our Nation, like how the Chinese showed us.

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