When Sparks Fly

I had a wonderful Saturday!

Great meeting up with my uni khakis on Fri night! I think I gotta stop meeting them in groups! Seeing the lovey-dovey couples (was out with 9 other khakis, inclusive of 4 couples) made me feel so out of place lah =

But we still had a good laugh, with Yix’s “the other one” blending into the group within a short time. Photos will be up when they’re transferred out of my camera!

Woke up feeling groggy on Saturday morning. Quickly washed up and rushed out of house to meet L @ Bugis for lunch before proceeding to the toy shop, which was having a sale at 2pm. Ended up I was later than the arranged time, but slightly earlier than he was.

Just as the sale was about to start, we joined the queue and guess what.. I saw Bec’s hubby! Quickly called her to confirm and I was right! But bad timing. Baby Kate was asleep! Gosh I last saw her at my birthday bbq @ LW’s place last year! She has grown much over the past 6 months!

Got my Transformers toys! Photos will be up when I get them from L!

A supposed-movie afterwards (which we spent the whole afternoon trying to decide which movie to watch) ended up with a trip over to Aliwah Street to get L’s salsa shoes. LOL.. We were like tourists trying to find a place with a mini card-map in our hands. It started raining heavily just when we were about to reach the place -.- Almost drenched!

The rain dampened my mood lah.. Else could have walked back to Bugis!

Great Sat spent. Probably should start organising more bonding session with colleagues.

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