I dunno wat I did

Seriously.. is it the lack of enough rest?

Just a night out with cousin Richard, and I’m feeling so lethargic.

Feeling so restless at work.

Some things I wanna write about, but I’ve forgotten what.

Seems like there’s nothing much to update on these days.

Bought a Leaning Japanese book yesterday, it came along with a CD. Seems like I’m getting older, took me a while to catch up with the audio while looking at the words in the book, trying to recall how the sentences are phrased.

Starting my jap class this Sat.

Starting (hopefully) fitness class this Sun.

Collecting Mayday’s Stone’s book this Sat!

David Tao’s concert this Sat!

Mayday’s concert next Sat!

Mayday Ah Xin & Stone’s books autograph session @ IMM next Sun!

Looking forward =)

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