Updated: 《今天情人節》新加坡演唱會2007

Posted on December 30, 2007 – 1:45 am

Thanks Central Mall, thanks Twipster for passing me the tickets she won =D


List of songs she sang (not in sequence):

  • 崇拜
  • C’est la vie
  • 一秒的天堂
  • Sunrise 我喜欢
  • 我喜歡
  • 为我好
  • 分手快乐
  • 亲亲
  • 可惜不是你
  • 燕尾蝶
  • 爱你不是两三天
  • 勇气
  • 暖暖
  • 最想环游的世界
  • 小手拉大手
  • 夜夜夜夜
  • fly away
  • 一夜长大
  • 丝路
  • 瘦瘦的
  • 红豆
  • 知足
  • 拥抱(duet with 阿信)
  • 溫柔 (sung by 阿信)

Songs during Encore:

  • Moon River
  • 听不到
  • 伤痕
  • 第三者
  • 原来你也唱过我的歌
  • 三吋日光

Cat 1 seats, $158. Good view.

Nice concert. Totally immersed in her songs, her jokes, her Singlish, her Chinese with M’sian slang..

The peak of the concert.. 阿信!!! Woohoo! I’m most alert when he appeared on the stage. ahhaha =D

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Forgotten my camera that day. Only managed to take a few photos with my mobile phone.

Though Category 1 tickets, it was side view.

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