This post is quite photo-intensive. Doing a mass upload of the photos taken using my phone camera.

5th Oct: Dinner @ Pizza Hut (Greenridge Shopping Centre)
The bday gal who like my glass of Pepsi more than me! She quietens down only when give the bowl of icecream. -.-”

24th Oct: Lunch @ Parklane Deli House (North Bridge Road)
For a $4 Pork Chop Rice, look at the serving size. 2 SMALL pieces of “pork chop”, and a few stalks of vegetables. Would you pay $4 for such a small serving, not to say that the food taste yucky?
And look at the 2nd picture.. See how clean the plate was?
Food took a long time to come, serving is small, utensils not clean. Definitely a no-no for another visit.

24th Oct: Food from Japan!
Thanks to a colleague who went on a leisure trip to Japan. My workdesk is now full of “junk” food!

17th Nov: Dinner @ Adam Road Food Centre
Seems like a normal dinner? Think about it again.. Was there with the 3 guys, AFTER our usual weekly badminton session. Talk about exercising away the extra calories..

23rd Nov: Dinner @ Honjin Japanese Restaurant (Robinson Road)
Woohoo! Was there with my colleagues on the same project group. Fully-paid Japanese buffet! Didn’t get a chance to take a shot of the “room” we were in, but here’s the menu anyway. Had a super full dinner! Free flow of sashimi! Oh! The sake taste good too!

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