Brand New Start.

Oh well.. I was actually reading through my year 2005 entries.. Entries posted long ago at, but using a different blog engine. And I just decided to delete all of them. All till Sep2006.

I had a good laugh at myself while reading. Seeing how foolish I’d been, believing people so easily, trusting him to stay faithful.. the many many encounters I’ve had during that year. Deleted the web access to those entries. The only way to dig them out now, is to extract from the database =) Not going to transfer them over to this engine.

Brand new start. I know I’ve a different mindset now. No longer harping over the past. Looking forward to the present. Not “looking forward to the future”, coz future depends on how we live our present.

And yes.. I love this phrase from one of my Apr2005 entries.
“I look at the cookie, the cookie stared at me with a sinister look. I got angry and I ate it” Apparently it was quoted by Ansley back then. It just.. sounds so cute that I laughed when I read it. 😀

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