I actually have got nothing to post. haha!

Ok there is one actually.. Been on a shopping spree. Got a new pair of specs, new lingerie, new clothes, new shoes!

Nothing to boast of. But $500 spent within 1 week. There goes my extra cash.

Feeling pretty tired (physically) these days. Just seem to be more tired despite the hours of sleep I’m getting, eyes just get more dreary despite not wearing contact lens. oh gosh.. thankfully, it’s the WEEKEND!!!


to prevent having a separate short entry, I’ll just append it here.

For my dear friends who heard what happened 2 yrs back, what the f**ked up person did, you’ll be glad to know that I’m all ready to face a new start. It came as a sudden thought that, “hey! I’m no longer bothered about it”. As the saying goes, it takes more energy to hate someone than to just simply let it go. If you choose to forget, you won’t be able to forget. Accept what happened, let it go, you’ll soon realise it just doesn’t bother you anymore.

It worked. =)

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