A normal Saturday

Contemplating between OT on a Sat or badminton session. I chose badminton instead. =D


I was made to wait 1 hour for 3 guys. o.O Was almost not in the mood to play by the time they reached. Left with only 40mins, somehow or the other, no1 came to take ownership of the court when it went past our booking time. So we continued. ha..

Pastamania @ West Mall still serves huge servings. Couldn’t finish my food as usual. But I had a super yummy potato salad!

Feeling hungry now. Skipped dinner.

Though I’m taking a break from office, my mind can’t stop thinking about work.

Oh yes! My sites are launched! 4 sites launched within a week!

Check them out! =)

These sites nearly killed me when they were lived. They came on top of my current workload. Almost suffocated.

Kies I’d better stop rambling about work. Though I’m proud of it, I’d better not get workaholic in any case.

1230am, time to have a good night’s sleep on a beautiful weekend!

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