In the midst of recovering..

I .. stopped taking medicine. Mainly because I detest taking pills, not to say that the pills are all white. so plain! = Did I mention I didn’t take the cough medicine as well? It only stops the cough but doesn’t cure it. If you get what I mean. That’s what the doc said anyway.

Everyone’s falling sick, many people on MC these days. The virus is all around. I feel so sian that I don’t feel like working this week. It’s not that I’m not motivated at work, but I feel I need to rest completely. Though on MC, I couldn’t rest well, or should I say, I didn’t rest well. Couldn’t help worrying what’s happening at work. Things always crop up when you’re not around. I don’t like that kind of feeling.

Back to work in office, couldn’t concentrate. Feeling restless. Shucks. that shouldn’t be the way! Especially when there’s internal review coming up! I’m feeling stressed. The last in the production line are always the one suffering when those in front delay production. =

I need to find more motivation in life. Many things yearned for & longed for, and yet out of reach. Discouraging? yes. That’s why I need more motivation to keep me going, and to reach out for the things longed for.

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