aching body! but I didn’t play sports! >

Yeah been having aching body the moment I reached home yesterday.

Spent the whole day @ Kovan hub. Organised by Paya Lebar Kovan CC YEC, where my TP CSC khakis are committee of, it was an event of going around the neighbourhood (Kovan area, that is) collecting canned food, dry rations etc for the 19 beneficiaries. Meaningful event, I’d say. Pai seh to fly Shufen aeroplane early in the morning. Sorry gal! I underestimated my timing. Reached Kovan only at 9.30am. =X

Work for us, started only at 11.15am when the students came back from the various collection points. Sorting out the food into vegetarian, halal, non-halal, dry rations & beverages was quite a hassle, if you’ve seen the number of volunteers we had. Things were going on fine in our section (non-halal) with me, Shufen & Dennis. Well co-ordinated work among the 3 of us, without specifying who do what. Heh! Great 默契!

3pm. All done. Prepared to leave. And then! “Repack!”  What the!!! I was wearing white shorts lah.. didn’t sit much the whole day, so you can imagine how tired my feet were. Sigh.. Why the repack command when you could have told us specific instructions before we started packing into boxes?!?!?! It’s crazy, I tell you. If the guy who told us to repack (notice that I didn’t use the word ASKED but used TOLD instead) had said so nicely, I’d have done it willingly. =

Oh well.. Gd thing I found a new cardboard box (unused) nearby, finally can sit on the floor to do the REpacking.

You know what, the whole day, I felt like I was back in TP, those days in Community Service Club. Met ShuFen (same name but different person lah.. hahaa.. so I used CAPS F to do the differentiation), Dennis, Celine, Hock Chuan. It’s just like those times when we were in the committee organising CS events. Those were the days man! Missed those days!

REpacking was finally done at 5pm. Leaving the sorting of boxes to the various beneficiaries to the committee, me & Shufen left to do some walk-around @ Heartland Mall, being her first time @ Kovan.

It just feels great to have friends doing voluntary work with you! It really is hard to find friends with the same interest. Oh when will our next voluntary work be? =D

Ahhh just how my butt is aching now! Can’t sit properly! =

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