topicless entry

Feeling rather speechless actually.. as in.. I don’t know what to type.

Was discussing hyper-actively with my gang on what photos to include in our year book. We’re graduating! Hopefully for me. In the end, only Fen & I were deciding on the details. -_-”

While looking through the photos we took in NTU, I realise.. I looked so much slimmer when I was in yr 1! oh no.. it’s really time to slim down! No idea why my legs built up so much muscles! Due to too much walking?

Went school for lecture this morning. I expected to be in school for 1 hour, since the 2nd hour is meant for tutorial which starts only next week. 25minutes into the lecture, “This is going to be a short lecture. I don’t intend to start on the next chapter”.. Which means to say, I’m out of school within 35minutes. LOL.. 3 hours of transportation time spent, for a half-hour lecture??? How great.

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