RIP Xu Wei Lun

Shocked when I saw this piece of news.. Taiwanese actress Xu Wei Lun passed away from a fatal car accident. She’s only turning 29 this year! How can that happen to her?? =(

First saw her in the show Express Boy, starring Wei Lun & Mike Ho.. And that seems to be the only show I’ve watched with her in it.

Rip Weilun.. You’ll be missed by many of us.

《微笑 Pasta》

张栋梁 – 小乌龟

la la la la la la la la la la


歌声代替语言 深情只增不减 那一刻吻她的脸 地转天旋

爱的感觉 比樱桃更甜 双眼放送闪电 能超越极限

让人忘了季节 爱成了经典 为她付出所有爱恋

要你永远是我的小乌龟 我爱你 每一天



I love this song! First heard of this song in the show. Didn’t like Zhang Dong Liang, but this show changed my impression. Hahha.. he has a nice smile! This song, in the show, is composed & written by ZDL ( acting as the main lead, a superstar in the show ) for the female lead, partly to finish what the record company wanted him to do, partly to express his love for her. You’ll know if you’ve watched the show.

Short lyrics, yet meaningful. Meaningful only when you know the story in the show. In love with this song, until the day the craziness over it fades off =)