Whee I’m back!!!

Exams over! While I’m glad that they’re over AT LAST, I’d rather my exams end later. KO-ed after yesterday’s paper, slept all the way till 6+pm, before officially starting on my Cryptography revision at 9pm.

Went in not fully prepared this morning. Prepared to fail. But the paper turned out to be much easier than I thought, but I still don’t know how to answer the questions. lol

I’m grateful to my inner soul that I’m able to put down whatever unhappy incidents fast enough. Had a great time after my last paper today!!! Went Sakae Sushi for lunch with Jkai Jem & July. Wah all Js! KTV at Kbox Cineleisure. Dinner at Dan Ryans. keke! Civil Servants have a 2.2mth bonus this yr, on top of the 13th month. So dinner was on July. Thank you!!! xD

Time to get back to reality. Course training starts tomorrow. After that I’ll be posted to the CCs around Singapore for classes! Feeling excited, been a long time since I last took a class!

I’m resuming my FYP officially next week. Can’t slack anymore! Must at least produce something for supervisor to see! Looking forward to the busy holidays.