dead tired

Back from Singapore Fitness Expo Sports & Fitness Expo! Oh man I’m so tired! Think it’s the 2nd continuous day of standing and talking. Legs tired. Throat hurts. Awwwww…

But it was fun! I tried a less than 1min competition and went ALMOST breathless. lol!

I first stepped into the hall with ZERO knowledge on Fencing yesterday. And now, though I won’t claim I know EVERYTHING, I can at least answer simple questions related to Fencing! Oh please do NOT ask me anything about HISTORY. Hahhaha! My knowledge on Fencing is 90% from OBSERVATION. 10% from the posters around the booth. xD I’m so observant!

Another shou1 huo4 I got, is that I made new friends! And how they make me feel that I’m so much older! Most of them are around 15 – 18 yrs old. =X Their attitude towards things made me wonder if I was like them 10 years ago. I hope I wasn’t.

This event allowed me to see the different types of people. As I was managing the games section, and there’s gifts if you manage to hit the requirement. I’m flexible, if you never manage to complete the game, I’ll still give the gift for your effort! But then.. some aunties will ask “ei give me that doll lah.. you very selfish leh!” HELLO!!! You came for THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS, and play for the WHOLE DAY!!! How many dolls do you want?! And you want so many for f***? I’m not a psychologist, I can’t analyse why you’re behaving this way, though I can understand why a kid would always appear at my booth and say “jiejie I want to play” for 3 consecutive days. Kids like this usually are those who are trying to seek attention, so it’s understandable.

I think I’m bias against adults. LOL.. Not that I’m not, but hey! Everyone around at the booth thought I’m a secondary school student!! xD

Enough of everything about fencing now. ahha.. Thank you Dennis for introducing me to the sport! =D