bugs and shyt

It’s Tuesday!!

Woke up at 10! Sounds fortunate to be able to wake up this late? Haahaa.. Started doing housework! Other than a 10min lunch break, I just had the time to sit down and rest! Decided to clear up the mess of bugs that grew in the kitchen. They appeared from the box of vermicelli on top of the microwave! OMG! Can you imagine the whole cloth ( that was covering the microwave ) full of the bugs? :S

After clearing this mess, I saw.. lizard shit behind the microwave! -_-” In the end, I cleared the whole area, wiped thoroughly with DETTO. And yes.. the whole kitchen now smells of it. LOL.

Think I’m making a trip to NTUC later. The place which sells Cadbury chocolate the cheapest! I know quite a number of people are waiting for my Cornflakes Rocher. Hahah.. pai seh ah.. been busy after exams! Once the bedsheet are changed, I’ll take a quick shower and off I go! Hopefully you’ll get to see the cookies tomorrow? Keep your fingers crossed! =X

And yes.. my new resolution! Do more housework! A good way to keep the lazy me feel satisfied that at least I did SOMETHING. And no.. I DO NOT offer any services to do housework for you!

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