no after-effects from watching the show!

Finished watching Full House on youtube. Starring Rain & Song Hae Gyo ( not sure if this is how her name is spelt, but she’s the same actress who acted in 秋天的童话 [Autumn Fairytale] ), I first watched the show ( episodes 11 & 12 ) when I was at Grouser’s house last Sat. The plot ( the part of the story that I watched ) sounds interesting, though Rain doesn’t belong to my category of 帅 ( handsome ), he’s cute enough to have me watching the show till the end.

I skipped a few episodes ( started watching from episode 1 ), the story from where I stopped last week was much more interesting than the beginning. Haha.. The plot is nice, that’s if you like romance stories. ^^ The OST is also nice!

Having finished watching it, Rain definitely belong to my category of cute. hahaa..

I’m still awake at 4am, if you exclude the fact that I’d been multitasking with FYP & the show since 1.30am, the coffee that I drank at 4pm is still in effect. I’m still feeling alert! OMG.. how how?? Panda later?!

Oh it’s my pal’s bday ytd! To my dear pal, I know you don’t celebrate bdays, but still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You know who you are 😀 May the year ahead be a smooth yet fulfilling one for you!

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