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Time for some updates!

Went to pick-up my baby from hospital during the 4hr break today. She’s finally back in action!! And so the first photo I took, was Sentosa from VivoCity! Yupz I shun-bian went VivoCity to take a look, since it’s just a few steps away.

I guess everyone had the same concept as me.. it being newly-opened, everyone’s curious.. haha.. it was real packed with people!! And it’s a weekday! Packed with families, working adults, students..

Only 50% of the shops are opened. It’s a big place.. took me 30mins to walk one round of level 2! and it’s 5 stories high.. lol.. I’d see it as a place with lots and lots of shops, a combination of the many shops/boutiques that you’d see around the island. A place to go if you know what you want to buy. Not recommended for “just to walk and see”. I almost got lost, since I was just walking around.

Let me see if I can upload some pics later. If I’m still awake.

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