A long awaited Saturday!

I actually meant to say it was a long awaited weekend, but since only Saturday had passed, thus the title. =D

Yeah met up with Grouser!! She bought me the 《我们结婚吧》 book from Taipei!! Thanx pal!! Turned out that it’s much cheaper there than buying it at Kinokuniya. Hahha! Wanted to post the photo of the book here, but had been busy from the moment I reached home till now.

Had a late (early) lunch (dinner) with her at Pastamania Bugis. Wanted to get myself a new pair of Leather Ark sandals ( my current pair had been stepped on by so many people that it became loose! ), only to realise that the shop is no longer there! Anyone knows where else does the company have their outlets?

I missed Sapphy ( actual fact was I didn’t want to come back home so early to finish the assignment =| ), and since it had been 3 years since I last went her house, decided to drop by ( haha not exactly drop by since she stays at the other side of the small little island ). I love her house! It is so resort-look-alike! And it comes with many SCV channels! ahahhahaha! I finally left when the tv didn’t want to broadcast the next episode of Full House. And yes.. took me a good 2 hours to reach home! That’s how far her house is from mine. keke!

Had been a long time since I stayed out late not because of school or meeting up with friends outside. Enjoyed myself at her house watching tv! Oh yeah.. her mum still looks young! =P Too bad LC wasn’t at home, else he could have been “able to get a taste of my cookies” since he intro himself as “someone desperate to eat the cookies” few days back when I received an sms from an unknown number. hahahahahahaha

Seldom chat with LC anyway, that was a surprise sms from him! If LC ever happens to read this, or Grouser if he happens to walk past you when you’re reading this, thanks for remembering my day!

2am now, and I’ve yet finished the assignment, mainly because the software couldn’t be run on my laptop, and it is taking ages to run on my bro’s lappy ( it is still running now fyi ).

I’m laughing at myself now. ‘Coz this entry sounds more like a “I have to update” kind of entry. Pretty boring. :S