I’m starting to feel the heavy workload falling on my shoulders. Running out of time to complete those lab & tutorial preparations. Much less the time to complete the scheduled revision of materials taught in the past 3 weeks. I’ve not been slacking, and I’m being truthful to myself. I’ve been busy with activities in school. Robotics-Soccer competition & the WORLDview youth conference. Been trying my best to push the work (related to both) back, but somehow I feel that I should do things fast, else it’ll affect the whole team.

And now with this SC207 labwork, which is actually a “big-scale” project that involves 2 classes for each project, I’m going crazy. Been having meetings with the other lead developers to discuss the requirements and the actual job-scope of each sub-team. Though my team is just a supporting team to the rest, I still have to be present in all meetings to get an idea of how things are done on their side and to check out what is needed from them. I won’t say it’s a waste of my time, but I could have used that time on other stuff instead.

And I’m also financially-strained. Should I get my sponsor to sponsor me more, find another sponsor or get an interest-free study loan instead? This is bad.. I’m already heavily in debt. *sob*

I have a blog setup sometime last year for me to vent my anger on whatever & whoever made me irritated. And only close & good friends know about the site. But somehow the url got spread around.. I know that blogging means anyone can read the blog, and not that I mind, but.. I also don’t know how to explain. You are a friend of mine, if I want to let you know about the site, I’ll give you the address if you ask for it. There’s no need to SEARCH for it.. I don’t know what else to say..