hectic life

Life in hall so far is not bad. Kinda fun, but I’m still not in the studious mood yet. Still holidaying around.

Went out shopping with Jiyi on Wednesday. Went bugis and bought a bag + a pair of leather sandals. Den went Ikea to buy a hanger for the clothes. Broke le.. lol

Today.. lectures ended early. Yix wanna get some clothes, so I tagged along to give my opinions. Walked the whole afternoon around orchard till my feet went sore. Had a full dinner @ Bugis. Shiok.. but too full..

Ar.. I think I’m still not settled into hall.. School work is starting to pile up but I’ve not started on my tutorials & labs!!

Got a robotics training tomorrow.. think I’m going to sleep early.. been sleeping at 1+2am for the past few days, had been a real torture for someone who needs 8hrs of sleep daily. Too tired..

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  1. leeway says:

    you must be really busy with hall life and school work. no updates to your blog… update leh!

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