Welcoming the 2016 year of the Monkey

January 2016 came and gone in a flash.

Work was busy with the Future of Us Exhibition, and.. there seems to be nothing else worth mentioning. Doesn’t sound like a good sign, but well life still goes on.

I was contemplating a resolution post a while back, but I’ve come to realise that I’ve never fulfilled any from those that I’ve made in the past years.

Nevertheless, after a year of delay, I’m finally taking my guitar LCM Grade 3 practical exam this April! Feeling excited coz it’s my first time taking music exam!

When life has reached some form of stability, one needs to constantly find things to look forward to. Time to relook at priorities and possibly shift the focus somewhere?

Looking back at 2015, I’m glad there were no major hiccups.¬†Counting the blessings that I had been having at work. Seriously can’t wish for more, it’s more than what I have asked for.

The year of Monkey will be good, if not better. It’s only 2 days away!

This year I decided to DIY some decorative items.

Red lantern for the office
Tangerines for the tv console at home

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