Achievement unlocked

Someone once said – one of her personal goals is to live a healthier lifestyle. And it shall start with running marathons.

And so she started the ball rolling by claiming her first 10km medal at the Standard Chartered Marathon last year. Though it was only 10km, it was no deem fit for someone who doesn’t run. Claiming a timing of 1hr 34mins for a 10km walk (averaging a 9min 24s), it’s quite a record for a first timer ya? 🙂

This year, she decided to take on the challenge of Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. Knowing the route consists of lots of slopes, she took on the 6km challenge and managed to complete in 52mins! Quite an improvement I’d say, considering slopes kept appearing 🙂 Ok actually she didn’t walk.. she ran for the first 1.5km non-stop, which was a first! Achievement unlocked!

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run - tag + medal

Update: the official timing for Yellow Ribbon run is 0:50:53 🙂



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