The haze

With the recent forest-burning happening on our neighbour’s land, Singapore is now tainted with a haze so bad it kept breaking the PSI record within the week.

While we grumble (yes I’m one of them too..) that the government has not done anything to solve this “crisis” (or whatever that is termed by the civilians), and while I do not agree with what has been said / done, I think we must still give credit when it is due.

The stocks for the N95 mask ran out the moment the PSI level shot up to 400 few days ago. Some stock arrived today at the various pharmacies, and at last update, Cold Storage at Great World City has it too!

The haze cleared a little today, going as low as PSI 73. Despite that, the PM2.5 level is still high.



PM2.5 should be what we should be more concerned about. The PSI level tells you how hazy it is (though it might not be accurate at the point of your reading as it is a 3hr average of several readings) or simply put – how bad the smell of the air is. PM2.5 is the level of micro-particles (of which includes harmful ones) that exist in the (bad) air that we breathe in.

If you are unable to get your hands on a N95 mask (which is the best mask in the market that has the best filter), that doesn’t give you an excuse not to wear a mask ya? Putting on a surgical mask works just as well, with it being able to filter out 80% of the particles compared to the 95% provided by the N95 mask. In short, put your mask on!

In the meanwhile, do keep yourselves hydrated. Keep eye drops & facial spray easily available and use them whenever you feel irritation in the eyes / skin!

Let’s all be ninjas till the haze gets cleared permanently. 🙂


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