14th May

Not that this date is anything significant, but I couldn’t think of a more suitable title as there just wasn’t any particular topic that I want to write about.

Time just passes so fast when work had been keeping me extremely busy – with a record breaking of 2hrs sleep every night for consecutive 2 weeks.

Many milestones of the project to be met, not to mention the many deliverables tagged to each of it.

April was a month of 6-workday weeks. Life was horrendous, being in office throughout the long weekends. I was already deadbeat when Sunday came, that I couldn’t be bothered to venture out of Tungchung. Sleep was priority in the list.

Good life of more-decent-work-hours didn’t last long, before the project manager declared 6-workday week again, with effect from this week.

I kept being told, official work day means extra allowance. But I tell you, it just doesn’t matter anymore. If my rest hours can be compensated with monetary gains, I must have had endless energy that surpasses machines!

All I can wish for now, is for this stint to end soon. I can do with a break. The leaf that I posses, had been living with the snowman for so long that it doesn’t have any warmth now.

The leaf that lives with the snowman
The leaf that lives with the snowman