Reserved seats for the Needy

I seldom blog during lunch hours, but I really got pissed off after reading this article on hardwarezone. Pissed that this guy simply ignored the old man’s request for the seat. More pissed off when someone commented this:

Yes he may be a paying commuter too, but shouldn’t we all be considerate?

When I was in Korea, no one ever touches the reserved seats (See pic above, the seats are of a different colour and are situated at both ends of the carriages)! Regardless peak or off-peak hours, packed or non-crowded train, reserved means reserved. The locals will stare at you if you take the reserved seats!

Putting myself in the shoes of the elderly, I would greatly appreciate if there are seats for me ’cause my legs are not as strong as they used to be.

I’m pretty fine if we take the seats when there are no needy personnel around, but give up the seats if you see them! And not hog by pretending to sleep!

On another note, we do not know the entire story. These people might have internal injuries but not serious enough to have a cast or to use crutches. It’s always those black horses who spoil the market.

Nevertheless, I think we should exercise consideration on public transport. Give up your seats to people who need it more than you.